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My Garden in Spring

Over the past 9 months or so my husband Chris and I have managed to make a few changes to the way we manage our busy working lives. So during the spring this year we had a bit of free time to carry out a few jobs around our small garden, find a few new […]

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A Small Dream Fulfilled

For a little while now I’ve harboured a small dream. When spring arrives here at home, we are suddenly surrounded by cherry blossom. All too soon the wind stirs itself up and blows them all away, with disappointing suddenness. I have longed to try to capture some of the mind-boggling beauty of the blossoms on […]

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Creative living

Human beings have a marvellous number of ways to express themselves creatively, and the business of being a ‘creative person’ is complex. What one person finds fulfilling as a way of expressing him or herself creatively, holds no appeal whatsoever to another. As a culture we also find it acceptable to pass judgement on the […]

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Sunshine and snow showers

Winter has had a tight and icy grip over the Peak District this year. Even a day that promised wall to wall sunshine in the forecast couldn’t resist an impromptu heavy snow shower that sent us scuttling for cover under the pine trees. After the snow the leaden grey hung about the sky for a […]

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