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My Garden in Spring

Over the past 9 months or so my husband Chris and I have managed to make a few changes to the way we manage our busy working lives. So during the spring this year we had a bit of free time to carry out a few jobs around our small garden, find a few new plants for the patio, and generally enjoy a bit of the outdoors without leaving our home. I was inspired on a few beautiful sunny days whilst out there working, to grab my Canon AE1, load a roll of Ektar, and capture a few splashes of colour and light. In stressful times since, this gentle place has been a real haven for us. We have listened to the leaves rustling as the branches rise and fall and been surrounded by the calls of the blackbirds and looked up in amazement as the swifts screech by right above our heads. We have sat quietly and with breath held as some of the braver birds have ventured in to feed at our bird table just a few feet away. We have felt safe, happy, and very fortunate to have this beautiful little tranquil space to call our own.

Canon AE1/Kodak Ektar/ UK Film Lab

Ektar Film Photography_0001Ektar Film Photography_0002Ektar Film Photography_0003Ektar Film Photography_0004Ektar Film Photography_0005Ektar Film Photography_0006Ektar Film Photography_0007

Ektar Film Photography_0008

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