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An Autumn Adventure in Yale | Part 2

Continuing our colourful Autumn adventure in Yale, we drove back along the country road heading for home, and noticed a little side road branching off towards the river. Heading down to explore, we were greeted by the sight of a secluded rocky beach on a bend in the river, where craggy ochre cliffs – near gold in the evening sun – rose up from the fast-flowing milky green waters of the Fraser. Brilliant yellow cottonwoods ringed the beach, reaching up delicately into a vivid blue sky, and further in the distance the gently domed mountains were covered in snowy pines. We spent time here soaking it all in and taking photographs, before I wandered to a far corner of the beach where I could make out the tantalising glimpse of a stream running down to the river. This little spot was my favourite of all…a Cottonwood tree lay across the head of the stream, sadly fallen but still with a full covering of golden-yellow leaves. The stream meandered down over river rock waterfalls, between sandy mini-cliffs, carrying with it a colourful surge of autumn leaves. A very special little place to finish our Autumn adventure in Yale!

All photographs on Contax 645/Kodak Portra 800/Canadian Film Lab

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Hope BC Film Photography Canada_0021

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