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Christmas holidays in Shropshire | Part 3

On the next day of our visit to Shropshire, my sister Holly and I went out with our dad for a trip around some of the pretty neighbouring villages. It was such a gorgeous day, with the soft yet sharp winter light that I love, and brilliant skies. The first village we stopped at is called Claverley, and we began our wander in the churchyard. The colour of the church stone was so striking against the blue sky. The back of the church overlooks fields and trees, and we saw (and heard) a cackling green woodpecker flying from one tree to the next, along with a noisy group of Fieldfares. Bird watching was one of our favourite childhood hobbies and on countryside walks with Holly and my parents, I would always be found with a pair of binoculars round my neck, joined in a few years by my first camera, a present from my Granny Irene. After we emerged from the churchyard we walked down a lovely little hill, where some of the houses are built into the red sandstone embankment that rises up on one side of the road. We didn’t walk very far but we enjoyed our amble so much. Lovely company and lovely things to photograph – the perfect combination! On this trip I once again took the Canon AE1, loaded up this time with Fuji 400H film and developed and scanned as usual back at my lab, UK Film Lab.

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