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A Little Balance

I recently had my first day off work in weeks. It’s something of a myth that self-employed people can take holidays or chill out whenever they feel like it…certainly in the longer term my husband (and in this context business partner!) and I will be aiming for an improved work/life balance, but for now, it’s work that holds sway the majority of the time.  At the moment I’ve been working so long and so hard that I’m feeling a little unlike myself.  A little of my natural spark, my deep-seated love of life, is feeling subdued.  I needed to do something to remind me of its existence; to breath some life and tranquility back into myself; to enjoy the beautiful world outside.  So we went for a day out to walk around the gardens at Chatsworth, cameras in hand.  I strolled, I looked, I spotted beautiful things to carefully frame and commit to film.

Chatsworth House_001Chatsworth House_002Chatsworth House_003Chatsworth House_004Chatsworth House_005Chatsworth House_006Chatsworth House_007Chatsworth House_008

Chatsworth House_009Chatsworth House_010Chatsworth House_011Chatsworth House_012Chatsworth House_013

All photographs taken on the Rolleiflex 2.8F, Reala film, developed and scanned by me back at UK Film Lab

Siegrid - July 26, 2014 - 5:10 am

dearest Erica, first of all I love these pictures. Secondly I really really hope you find that balance quickly so you can enjoy the simple things in life and leave work be once in a while at least xoxoxo

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